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Ashes Of Phoenix is a veteran guild on the server Al'akir EU and focusses on raiding and achievements.
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 Guild Rules!

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They are perfect for a raiding guild
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PostSubject: Guild Rules!   Guild Rules! EmptySat Jan 12, 2008 9:26 pm

Ashes Of Phoenix guild rules
Show respect and you shall receive respect.

AoPís goal
Our goal is to have a lot of fun, to make friends and to clear every available raid encounter in World of Warcraft, also for the expansions yet to be released.

PvE guild
We will and always did focus on PvE, feel free to start PvP raids and spec PvP, but when we raid you will be your main PvE spec, all of your PvE gear will also need to be enchanted/gemmed aimed for PvE.

We ask our members to sign up for raids to make it easier for the raid leader to set up the raid configuration and you will receive 5dkp if you signed up and joined.

Raids will be posted on the raid sign up site (click on ďRaid Sign UpĒ in the navigation bar of the forum) every week, a raiding week goes from Wednesday until Tuesday.

Selections will be made before 19.00h of the raid on that day.
The raids start at 19.30 and last until 23.30, invites start 10minutes before the raiding time.
The raid that was posted on the site could change too something else if we donít get the set up that we need. (example: We only have 3warlocks and 2tanks for Magtheridon this means we cannot do this encounter)

If you signed up and didnít get selected in the raid but placed into replacement you should still log on at raiding time in case someone that signed up did not show up.
If you do join the raid that you signed up for you will stay the whole raid, we cannot accept that someone would hold up the raid with leaving when he feels like too. (Ofcourse you may leave for urgent real life matters)

If you got into a raid that you didnít sign up for it will be allowed to leave that raid IF you inform the raid leader BEFORE he invites you!!

You make sure to inform your parents, girlfriend or anyone else that you WILL raid that evening, ask them for permission if needed but make sure someone with a parental or social function will allow you to raid until the raid ends.

If you need to go afk or anything else, inform the raid leader even if its only 2minutes, we cannot and will not accept hold ups from raid members.

Raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday.Saturday and Monday are achievement nights.
We expect you to raid atleast 2 times a week, achievement raids NOT included.

Loot in the raids will be distributed according to the PvE needs, meaning the raid leader will decide which classes can bid on the dropped items.

All the green and blue drops will go to the guild bank and can be bought from it for a guild price (50% of the auction house cost) and the gold is used to make resistance gear and other consumables for raid encounters or for certain respecs, the officers do not use this gold for their own needs!

Of course we use a dkp system (more info in the dkp section) and you gain dkp from the first raid you start doing and you are able to bid as a newcomer (check for ranks and explanation below in this topic) but members get priority.

Your character
If you decide to lend out your account to friends then thatís your choice but the owner of the character will face the consequences of the (hopefully not bad) events.

Do not EVER flame ANYONE in the guild, we will never accept that and will be followed with appropriated measures.
If you donít like someone then donít talk to that person, if it gets to annoying please talk to any officer.

Do not lie or trash talk in the guild chat, you can joke around but do not insult other guild members.

Also do not spread lies or trash talk about this guild, if we ever encounter this we will act with response.

Whining and moaning, the sport of the children
We cannot ever accept whining and moaning in the guild chat or raid chat, if you have problems with anything please make an email to Gameangel in the game or on the forum.

Also respect the decision of Gameangel or/and the officers, we always try to make the best decisions for the guild, even when it seems harsh or unwanted for certain members.

Age limit
There is NO age limit in this guild, we judge by actions and not by gender or age.
To younger WoW players it is up to you to prove that you can act mature in this game!

Initiate rank
After you got accepted into the guild you will be initiate for 2weeks, you will be evaluated every day, you can fail or pass this test before the 2weeks are over, resulting in an guild kick or promote to member status.

How to get this member rank? Simple, just obey these rules and youíll be fine, since you have read these rules before and accepted them by applying to AoP.

If your not able to raid at least 2 times a week inform the officers or send a mail to Gameangel, also a post on the raiding section of the forum will do.
If we hear nothing from you we will demote you too Casual player, we will not remove you from the guild until we know the reason of your inactivity.

The cycle of life
Sometimes the guild will go great and sometimes it will go really bad, I would ask you to stick with the guild and help the officers and your fellow guildies where you can, do not guild switch when things go bad, or would you do this with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend also?

Donít forget those rules are not here to annoy you, they are supposed to make this community more fun and enjoyable for all of us!

Gameangel // Guild Leader of Ashes Of Phoenix

Guild Rules! 2049988RrwJz
"But liek, without jew guys, how weel he eva get epixx in the furst plais.

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Game Angel
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Game Angel

Number of posts : 662
Age : 32
Location : Aalst, Belgium
Class : Paladin
Registration date : 2006-09-23

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PostSubject: What we should be...   Guild Rules! EmptySat Jan 12, 2008 9:33 pm

Thank you Muncie for this fine piece of art.

General Characteristics
Should be:
Mature and able to discuss problems with the guild, duties with their rank, and themselves, taking good will without turning into egotists, and taking critisicm without burying your head in the sand.
Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
At the very most basic - to act as ambassadors for the guild - both inwardly to guildies, and to the entire server. We are maybe not the top guild, but we are one of the top guilds, and we need to reflect this in all our dealings. Classleaders are the best of the class that the guild has. Officers are the most suited to the day-to-day running of the guild. Raidleaders have the station and respect to command a raid. The guildleader should emulate all of this (or at least try to!).


Should be:
Leaders of their Class (and not just experts)
They should understand the benefits to pve and pvp of all their talent trees. Be not only willing to actively start positive discussions on them in their particular forum.
Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
Although they may not have the power at the moment to invite, they should be the ones who are leading any recruitment, and no officers should invite any player without first getting the consent of a classleader, where this is possible in a realistic timeframe.
The Players
Classleaders should ultimately recommend what talent builds are appropriate for the guild, i.e. in general pve builds. If pvp builds are sought, then the pros and cons of these should be discussed with the person. If the CL is unhappy with the new build, they must be willing to say this to the player.
On the dkp site all officers have the power to choose who can go on raids. However, classleaders should be the only ones that choose (and thus confirm them on the site) which regular guildies can go.
Authority & other Guild Issues
Should stand in for officers only if it is absolutely needed, and not go against the principles and direction of the guild. They may moderate their particular class's forum, and the application page.


Should be:
Able to start debates, take part in them, and give leadership to others where necessary.
Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
Only officers and the guildleader can invite at this time. However no new player should be invited to the guild without permission of the respective classleader. If the classleader is on holiday, or otherwise on extended leave, then the officer should only invite someone new if it has been discussed with other officers that it is strictly necessary, and a decision reached that would not knowlingly go against the direction and principles of the particular classleader.
Should be prepared to lead raids if a regular raidleader is not available, or the raidleader needs some time out from this stressful activity. However, officers should also willingly give up leadership if the raidleader is available, or if another guildie has more experience, and may be more appropriate. See the raidleader's spec below, for more detail.
Should stand in for the guildleader where appropriate, but not go against the guilds and principles where possible. They should be able to demonstrate that they understand guild policy, and defend it to other parties. They should support classleaders and other officers where appropriate.
Should start discussion about the potential future of the guild in the Officers' Lounge, but should not act upon any such decision until the guildleader has had a chance to discuss it too. If the guildleader is not available due to holiday/otherwise, then such decisions should only be taken if a majority of officers (and classleaders/raidleader if appropriate to the topic) have agreed.
Guild Issues
Officers have responsibility of dealing with any guild issues that come up. These issues are not just your issue though, so discuss them with other officers, on this forum, or escalate them to the guildleader if you feel it is appropriate.


Should be:
Able to effectively lead 20 or 40 people without the raid devolving into a messy discussion about something completely different.
Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
Leading Raids
Should lead raids where appropriate, choose who should and shouldn't be muted on ventrillo. They don't need to lead raids all the time, or lead any particular raid from start to finish; but the raidleader should lead the raid, like the guildleader leads the the guild - so if you need to delegate some leadership duties to another member (within reason) then discuss it with other officers and come to a suitable conclusion.


Should be:
Everything above. Effectively officer, raidleader, classleader, and any other position needed in the guild, both in support of that position, and as temporary replacement if necessary.
Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
Ultimately responsible for the guild, it's progress, & it's reputation, and also the dkp site, and forums.
Primary responsibilities:
Providing direction for the guild, or participating in any discussion about direction for the guild.
Should not dictate action, but lead discussion on it.
Lead talks with other guilds that may affect Ashes Of Phoenix.
Helping facilitate positive outcomes to any guild problems, that cannot be resolved otherwise.

Guild Rules! 2049988RrwJz
"But liek, without jew guys, how weel he eva get epixx in the furst plais.
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Guild Rules!
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