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Ashes Of Phoenix is a veteran guild on the server Al'akir EU and focusses on raiding and achievements.
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 Apply for guild - Druid

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Apply for guild - Druid Empty
PostSubject: Apply for guild - Druid   Apply for guild - Druid EmptySun Nov 29, 2009 2:01 pm

Character name:


Balance / Resto

Why did you pick this talents spec?:
I have been Resto for 2 years cause i enjoyed healing in raids. But this summer i got a bit tired of it and started DPS'ing as Moonkin. I am now Mainspecc Balance but are able to go Resto if its needed.

Full Alchemy
Full Herbalism

Deadly Boss Mod(latest version):


Sound (speakers or headset):
Both, Headset for raids for optimal understanding.

How many days a week can you raid?
The right answer would be every night, how ever i am in college atm. and got lots of homework to do. i normally make it in the afternoon but sometimes it stacks up around me so i have to do it in the eve. Personal things can also come in between BUT as a headline I can go raiding every night. (19-22.30)

Do you consider yourself a loyal person?
I am loyal if the Guild is loyal against me. Smile

Why do you wish to join us?
I have just migrated to Al'akir some weeks ago, and i want to join a stabil raiding guild. I think (and i don't hope i am wrong Very Happy) that Ashes Of Phoenix is the right place for me.

Why should we invite you?
I am a fair guy, and I am not a quiter. I want to help with raidprogress even if it means 10 (or above, the number doesnt matter) wipes on a single night. I put friends befor myself, so i am able to help people out. (however this does not mean i boost alts 24/7 ;b)

What's your WoW experience (instances Classic WoW, Tbc, WoTLK)?
I started playing WoW in Fall 2006, First i played a Nelf Hunter(70) and did PvP alot. My guild convinced me that PvE was alot cooler and i had to agree with them. So i rolled Druid and went Resto when i hitted lvl 70.

On my druid i have done:
TBC: Karazhan(befor attu. went away), Gruul, Maggy, TK, SSC (never got to MH and BT befor expansion.)
WoTLK: Naxx, OS, EoE, ToC, Onyx and ofc VoA Smile

For how long did you play your current class? (/played and the date you created him)
I have /played 54 days on my druid, and played him since Xmas 2007.

What do you expect from us?
That you are a fair and trustworthy guild, that try to make open raid spots for everyone and do not prio people above others. (Ofc. if its for the progress its allowed. Have to be realistic :b)

Were you in a guild recently(and which one?) & why did you leave?
I was in Small Gods on Deathwing server, i played Alliance in that guild for 3 years. However Deathwing server is a dying one and all of my friends ingame had migrated away or just quited playing so i felt i had to move along. I went to Al'Akir here with my brother cause we have an IRL friend here. And then i wanted to try out horde Wink

Describe your gear:
almost 4.9k gearscore (Gearscore doesnt mean everything i know, but it gives a clue, aye) 2/5 tier9 2/5 tier8.5. Gear from onyx. gear from ToC.

Armory link:

Got any Resistance gear for certain encounters?
Got Frost resi gear, for Sapph Smile

Age and where are you from?
I am 16, i live in a town in the contry Denmark(no its not the capital of Sweden ;D)

A small text about you:
As said above i am 16 and from Denmark, my name is Sam (Samuel). I live at my parents as most teenagers do, i go to college and have 2 brothers who also play WoW.
I enjoy playing piano, hang out with friends and ofc I enjoy playing WoW ;D

Any other information you feel you should tell us:
I am ALLWAYS up for raids! even if i dont need any gear from the raid at all. I love to play organized and i can also have a laugh when raiding. I am not a hardcoreraider that have to be serious all the time. Smile

Really hope i can live up to the Requirements for joining.

Best regards Samuel/RandeÚn Wink
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Apply for guild - Druid Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apply for guild - Druid   Apply for guild - Druid EmptySun Nov 29, 2009 2:07 pm

Dont even bother reading. Thorght it was a horde guild.. Sorry lads ;D
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Apply for guild - Druid Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apply for guild - Druid   Apply for guild - Druid EmptyMon Nov 30, 2009 11:18 pm

h3h3 fail.
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Apply for guild - Druid Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apply for guild - Druid   Apply for guild - Druid Empty

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Apply for guild - Druid
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